Moonleaf Makati – First Anniversary + GC Giveaway

Moonleaf Makati – First Anniversary + GC Giveaway

Moonleaf Beats - Makati

Last week, we received an invite to join in Moonleaf Makati’s first anniversary. It was a casual celebration with lots of…

Moonleaf Tea Shop Macarons


Macarons – PHP 30 each;

Their macarons were not bad, in fact, they were great! The fillings were very creamy that in each bite; there’s a tendency for it to ooze out.

Moonleaf Tea Shop Beef Turnover


Sandwiches (Hotdogs, spam, turnovers);

I got the beef pullover. The bread felt like it was folded repeatedly to hide the ground beef inside. I liked how the ground beef taste and in the end, I ended up eating all the beef without eating the bread.

Moonleaf Tea Shop Milk Tea

and Milk Teas

It won’t be complete without their milk teas. I was surprised at how their teas can taste good while having a low cost (as compared to other tea shops). All of the items in their menu won’t go over PHP 100 unless you add sinkers.

Moonleaf Tea Shop Menu 1 Moonleaf Tea Shop Menu 2

Here’s a view of their menu for your reference…

…and the highlight of the Moonleaf Makati’s night would be the acoustic presentation of LM Cancio, AI Dela Cruz and Ebe Dancel (former vocalist of Sugarfree).

Moonleaf Beats - Ebe Dancel


While I have listened to the songs of Sugarfree back in college, I admit that I wasn’t really a big fan. You see… my college was spent more in front of the PC than going outside and socializing (parties, gigs, live bands) (something I’d like to change if I can only turn back time… sniff..sniff.).

Going back… it was a fun event and I’m happy to know that Moonleaf is still going strong. In fact, I didn’t realize that they were operating for one year because I always thought that Moonleaf is one of the pioneers of milk tea shops.

For those who have missed the celebration, don’t fret as I’ll continue the celebration by hosting a giveaway and the prize would be Moonleaf Gift Certificates!

I currently have two sets of GCs at hand so I’ll have two winners.

  • PHP 500 Moonleaf GC usable at any Moonleaf Branches Nationwide – expires on Sept 31, 2013
  • PHP 400 Moonleaf GC – usable at Moonleaf Ortigas Branch only – No expiration

Raffle Duration will be from July 8 to July 22, 2013.

The mechanics of the giveaway are very simple so there’s no reason for you not to join lol.

Important Reminder: There’s a reason an option is mandatory so please ensure that you at least do all the mandatory tasks because if they are incomplete, your entries will not be counted.


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Till next time,



Moonleaf Tea Shop
The Columns
The Columns, Sen. Gil Puyat Ave cor Ayala Ave
Salcedo Village, Makati

(02) 730-3923
(02) 904-6706


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147 thoughts on “Moonleaf Makati – First Anniversary + GC Giveaway

  1. If i win, I’ll treat my best friends to milk tea–a very much needed catch up for us since we don’t all study in the same College ^_^ I would order my favorite Tiramisu Milk Tea :D

  2. I will win!;D I will you use the GC to treat my very dearest girlfriend with delicious sandwiches.

    -Ariosto dela Cruz


  4. If ever i will win.I will treat my harworking husband with me.we will order Watermelon Tea.

  5. I love Moonleaf! I regularly come to the Dapitan branch when I need a little pick me up or a little break from studying!

    I will use this GC if I win to treat my mom to a cup of my favorite milk tea — the pearl milk tea or the wintermelon!

  6. I’ve been a fan of Moonleaf Milkteas for quite a long time now. And if I won GCs on this contest, I’ll treat my bestfriends with Moonleaf Milkteas so they will get addicted to Moonleaf too!

  7. Actually, Moonleaf is already about to turn 3 this coming October. It is the Makati branch that celebrated its 1st year anniversary last week. :)

  8. It’ll be my 19th birthday on the 26th of this month and I would like to treat my friends out for a refreshing drink. Milktea’s my fave drink of all time and I really love Wintermelon MT from Moonleaf. It’s the bestselling flavor, not the trial-error-try-again-next-time choice, everyone loves it too. More power to your blog! :)

  9. I like macaroons and my kid is the milk tea – Great for our weekend bonding at the Moonleaf :)

  10. I will treat my friends and family with delicious Moonleaf milk teas!! I know that it’s only me and my brothers who really love milk teas, but I want to share its goodness to others, so I’m joining this contest! I really hope I could win :)

  11. I will treat my friends and family with delicious Moonleaf milk teas!! I know that it’s only me and my brothers who really love milk teas, but I want to share its goodness to others, so I’m joining this contest! I really hope I could win :)

  12. I’d spend the GC on my favorite fruit drink: Lychee Yakult! A lot of my friends in UP love Moonleaf (they were actually the ones who introduced me to Moonleaf) so they deserve my treat if I won this. :)

  13. I’ll treat my mom and sister for wintermelon milk teas and maybe some macarons too! we just looove macarons, especially moonleaf’s ;)

  14. If I would be chosen, I will treat my boyfriend. I will order milk teas and try the macaroons. I really want to try those cute colored macaroons. And I guess, it would be our last date if ever coz’ we’ll be having a LDR. I hope I’ll win one of those GC.

  15. I will treat my 2 college bestfriends (2 girls)! We will enjoy drinking wintermelon milk teas and eating different colors and flavors of macarons! We will probably eat those inside the moviehouse! *Now I’m already imagining things!*

    Chona Diaz

  16. If ever I win, I will use my MoonLeaf GC to treat my husband after work for a great bonding time together. We’ll order our favorite Milk Tea and enjoy the moment!

    Mary Louise Sanchez

  17. if i win, i will treat my daughters to Moonleaf, give them an afternoon of relaxation while enjoying the yummy macaroons and thirst quenching milk tea.
    maybelle ng

  18. If you will be the winner; how will you use the GC? Who will you treat and what will you order?
    If i win, I will treat my family and relatives. I will order milk tea. because they like cool drinks

  19. If you will be the winner; how will you use the GC? Who will you treat and what will you order?
    I will treat my family. My 2year old son loves to drink milk tea

  20. I will treat my sisters because they haven’t tried Moonleaf yet. Can you believe that?! I can’t either but they’re really Moonleaf virgins! Haha!! Can’t wait to let them experience my top recommended Moonleaf flavors–Caramel, Wintermelon, Yogurt, and Hakka. That will be a fun bonding time for us. :)

    Cery Jean Quiambao

  21. Please also leave your Name / Email with your answer.

    I will use it with my mom and best friend, I will treat them with pearl milk tea

    Kim Bryalle B. Frost

  22. I will order my ever favorite milk tea flavor of all time which is the “CARAMEL MILK TEA”, I would also like to try Moonleaf’s Macaroons, of course together with my best friend, we haven’t seen each other for a while and we miss each other so badly, so catching up with her is a big YES, chit-chatting and laughing while hanging out at Moonleaf is indeed a great idea. Am I right? hehehe xoxo

    Kristine Barnedo

  23. I will order their best-selling milk tea and also try their macaroons. I will use the GC’s to treat my siblings and friends :)

  24. (Forgot to put my email and name) jaydee reyes

    I will order their best-selling milk tea and also try their macaroons. I will use the GC’s to treat my siblings and friends :)

  25. I’m joining for my cousin and his family. I want them to try Moonleaf’s macaroons and milk teas.

    san2_adecer ( a t ) yahoo ( d o t ) com

  26. my husband and i love their wintermelon tea! we haven’t tried their macaroons, so looking forward to having that with our weekly milk tea fix at pioneer (we’ve been to the iloilo branch too!)! :)

    rocel a. villasis

  27. I’d like to treat my mom to a milktea date on my birthday this coming august. Love their wintermelon! Pretty please!:)

  28. If i will be the winner of the GC.. First of course I will have to claim the GC. Next, i will invite someone to accompany me to any moonleaf branch and there i will order, give the GC to the counter and there you go!

    The person that i am going to invite is Mase Linan, my ever beloved girlfriend <3 i will order hakka.

  29. Spend some quality time with my boyfriend who supppppeeer love your milk tea! <3 Treat him and order for wintermelon milk tea! – Best seller as always :)

    Antonella Nicole de Dios

  30. If you will be the winner; how will you use the GC? Who will you treat and what will you order?

    I will use the GC to try other milktea/fruit tea products of Moonleaf. As well as their desserts. I would be treating my friends since they are not fond of milkteas. I might convert them to drink milkteas from moonleaf instead of buying coffees from overrated coffee shops. heehee. :D

    Jamie Joyce Nghuatco

  31. If I will be the winner, I’ll use the GC on mah first daughter’s birthday on August 14. Of course, I’ll treat her together with my hubby and my second baby. We love milk tea (home made only) and honestly speaking, I’ve never been there before, so this will be our first time (if ever) and we’ll buy there specialty. I’m hoping to win! ^_^

    Emilie Udasco

  32. I will use the GC as a pre birthday treat to my hubby who will celebrate his birthday in September. I will treat my hubby and my little sweetie and we would order for WINTERMELON TEAs and hotdog sandwiches. ^^

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  33. I will use the GC as a treat to myself and my friends. I became a milk tea fan because of the Wintermelon Milk Tea of Moonleaf so I will definitely order that! ;) My friends & I will try the food as well since we just usually order the milk teas.

    Karla Mae Brazil

  34. if i will win, i will treat my husband and my kids,,, i haven’t tried any of those so i guess i will go for the beef pullover coz i love beef and bread and it looks yummy in the photo and some milk teas….

  35. If ever I win, I will use the GC to treat my closest friends. It has been a tradition for us to drink milk tea when stressed. Our favorite is wintermelon milk tea. It’s sweet taste never fails to give us a refreshing feeling that completes our day.

    Kate Vergaño

  36. I will take my HS friends and share it with them.
    It’s been a year since we’ve seen each other and through this we can bond again.
    We’re gonna try different milk teas as we love to explore and try new teas :D

    Majelle de Guzmna

  37. If I win, i’ll spend it with my partner. Wintermelon milk tea is our stress reliever. Moonleaf is a big part of our life!!! :-)

  38. Admin, may I ask if you could possibly put down this comment? Anyway, the contest was already done a long time ago. Sorry for the inconvinience and thank you.

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