Nadai Fujisoba

Nadai Fujisoba

Nadai Fujisoba Ebiten Soba

A newcomer in the our shores that has been invaded by Japanese RamenNadai Fujisoba offers an alternative to Ramen.

Nadai Fujisoba is an international franchise from Japan and this year they have brought to the Philippines their best-selling soba and udon dishes. But before we start; let’s have a quick introduction first about Soba and Udon. Personally, my only experience with soba would be on Yakisoba (fried soba) cup noodles and for udon, I don’t think I have tried it yet.

As per wikipedia…

Soba – Thin noodles made from Buckwheat flour;

Udon – Thick noodles made from Wheat flour;

Both can be prepared hot or cold depending on your preference.

Now for my personal definition… Soba: brown and firm noodles while udon: white and chewy noodles. With these two noodle types; you will have a lot of options in their menu. The first choice would be whether you want it hot or cold. Once decided; pick your toppings or go with the most simple one with no toppings at all. Add sides and you are done!

So without further ado; allow me to present…

Nadai Fujisoba Niku Fuji Soba
Nadai Fujisoba Niku Fuji Soba – PHP 280

I believe this was a mix of Gyudon and Kake (hot) soba. It instantly became my future go-to order (despite not having tried the other menu items).

Nadai Fujisoba Ebiten Soba
Nadai Fujisoba Ebiten Soba – PHP 280

Tempura-topped soba; you can remove it immediately from the soup and keep the crunchiness or let the soup absorb the tempura flavor but the tempura will be soggy.

The soba noodles were delicious! It doesn’t rely on the soup since it has their own flavor. I liked how firm it was and easy to chew. It made me realize that perhaps I’ll try the hard noodles option of ramen restaurants to a similar experience.

Unlike ramen where the broth is one of their main features; the soup was the same regardless of what you order. However, since the taste of the broth was very light (and a bit sweet), it easily absorbs the flavor of the toppings (e.g. the niku fuji had a beefy taste while the ebiten had a shrimp taste in every slurp!).

Teisyoku Sets

Carbo loading? Then have a taste of their Teisyoku sets where a donburi and soba/udon was put together in one meal. Don’t be fooled by the small description in the menu as our stomach’s disagree after we finished eating.

Notes: Kake means hot and Mori means cold

Nadai Fujisoba Gyudon Set
Nadai Fujisoba Gyudon Teisyoku Set – PHP 250
Nadai Fujisoba Buta Bara Kimuchidon Set
Nadai Fujisoba Buta Bara Kimuchidon Teisyoku Set – PHP 250

Our visit at Nadai Fujisoba was simply due to curiosity but we really enjoyed our meal. I’m excited to try out more of their dishes and I already have a list:

  • Hot / Cold Udon
  • Cold Udon
  • Different kinds of Tempura orders

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Nadai Fujisoba
Bonifacio High Street
G/F Bonifacio High Street, Bldg 7, 9th Ave
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 830-3333

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