Noche Buena Essentials

Noche Buena Essentials

Noche Buena Feast
Sample of a Noche Buena Feast (our very own)

It is coming! It is the time to be Merry and Jolly where we have every excuse to gain weight for a week! It is time for the last minute shopping for gifts, calls and deliveries here and there for food take-out or to go, and food preparations at home.

It is time for Noche Buena.

Noche Buena means Christmas Eve and we usually spend it by attending the anticipated mass of Christmas followed by a celebration at home. For years, it has always been a meal at Chow King after the mass (thank you for being open all day!) followed by more food at home.

The following food are always present during our Noche Buena Celebrations!

Keso De Bola

To be honest, I always thought that this was just a decoration… :)

Spaghetti (with lots of grated cheese)

I loved home cooked spaghetti since I can be very generous on the sauce and the cheese. It takes a lot of mental strength to resist going for two or more plates.

Sandwiches (whatever filling you want)

Not as important for me as compared to spaghetti but good for a quick bite.

Pork BBQ

I like to partner it with the leftover bread that wasn’t used in making sandwiches


The only time of the year that I’d swap bacon for a thick and juicy slice of ham (with a layer of fat on the side).

Salad (Fruit Salad, Macaroni, etc)

Provides our dessert to end the night.

Optional Dishes

Fried Chicken

A classic favorite all year round! We sometimes swap this for Turbo Broiled Chicken.

Pata Tim / Crispy Pata / Lechon

Usually gets eaten after the celebration and is great with ice cold beer.

Lumpiang Shanghai

More finger food to enjoy on the go.

How about you? How do you celebrate Noche Buena and what kind of food do you prepare?

Till next time,


PS: I’ll add pics later when I manage to take shots of our celebration :)

  • Armed with a LG G2 Smartphone (formerly Lumix ZS3 camera), Allen sets forth to different restaurants and dining places to Stop! Look! and Capture! select dishes with a purpose of sharing his food discoveries and honing his photography skills.

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  1. Merry Christmas, Allen! I think the Pork BBQ, when partnered with bread, can make a great pork bun haha. Keso de bola tastes so good and it can be eaten alone or partnered with other food. :P

So what can you say? :)