Palm Grill: Home of the Green Chicken

Palm Grill: Home of the Green Chicken

Palm Grill Green Chicken

Say hello to a new chicken experience at Palm Grill where you can have a taste of their family’s specialty; the Green Chicken.

Conceptualized by Miguel Moreno and Nelson Canlas; Palm Grill was established as a place to share their families’ chicken dishes.

But before we dig in; do take time to see the meticulously designed place led by co-owner Miguel himself. Each piece has been well thought of and it all goes with the central theme (manly first floor and chic second floor). They also have an instagram wall ready at the second floor.

There’s many ways to cook chicken and by changing the sauce or marinate; a different experience can be achieved. The same can be said about the chicken dishes at Palm Grill. Currently they have three main chicken dishes that target specific cravings.

Palm Grill Oswalda's Fried Chicken
Palm Grill Oswalda’s Fried Chicken – PHP 229 (Solo) / 339 (Duo) / 649 (League)

Let us start with Oswalda’s Fried Chicken. Named after their Grandmother; this fried chicken made with love has been coated with herbs and lime. Crunchy on the outside; and soft on the inside. It’s perfect for kids and kids at heart who simply want to enjoy good old classic fried chicken.

Palm Grill Olympus Roast Chicken
Palm Grill Olympus Roast Chicken – PHP 229 (Solo) / 339 (Duo) / 649 (League)

The second dish would be the best-selling roast chicken from their Uncle’s steakhouse restaurant called Olympus. It is your roasted chicken but with a peanut sauce twist. It made me think of eating a kare-kare chicken. This is perfect for those who want a healthy way of eating chicken.

Palm Grill Green Chicken
Palm Grill Green Chicken – PHP 229 (Solo) / 339 (Duo) / 649 (League)

Last but definitely not the last would be the pride of the family; the green chicken. Usually meant for special occasions, the green chicken may look intimidating due to the color but that will change once you get a taste. It’s slow-cooked using coconut milk and seven herbs and spices from different countries then grilled to give it a smoky finish. If you love coconut milk (gata) then prepare yourself for awesomeness. It goes well with their turmeric rice! It’s a must-try at Palm Grill and it will not disappoint.

Palm grill just opened weeks ago but they are already starting out strong with their triple threat chicken meals. Each dish has its own personality so you will always have a choice. I left Palm grill very satisfied after eating nearly a whole chicken (3 qtrs of each dish plus more slices) and the weird thing was; I wanted more but alas, my stomach gave up.

Watch out as more dishes are coming and that includes dessert.

Disclosure: Palm Grill paid for our meal. 

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Palm Grill

175 Tomas Morato Avenue, Scout Castor,
Tomas Morato, Quezon City

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