Pepper Lunch Dinner

Pepper Lunch Dinner

Pepper Lunch


August 11, 2011

Do you remember the Pepper Lunch Coupon post I made? You just need to answer a survey and you will receive four coupons. It was expiring on August 15 so we decided to use those coupons before that date. We used the 20% discount from coupon for the Beef Pepper Rice and Hitokuchi Cut Steak.

Pepper Lunch has the same concept with Sizzling Pepper Steak where your meal will be served on a hot plate and you will cook it in your table. Among the two, it was Pepper Lunch who introduced this concept first.

Pepper Lunch Hitokuchi Cut Steak Raw
Pepper Lunch Hitokuchi Cut Steak Raw
Pepper Lunch Hitokuchi Cut Steak Cooked
Pepper Lunch Hitokuchi Cut Steak Cooked

We were given several chunks of beef for this one and I was surprised because it was so soft and tender. When you chew it, you won’t need to “shred” it like what you do to beef because it will break down in a few soft bites. The feeling is similar to eating “pork fat”. Delicious!

Pepper Lunch beef Pepper Lunch Raw
Beef Pepper Lunch Raw
Pepper Lunch beef Pepper Lunch Cooked
Beef Pepper Lunch Cooked

The rice was delicious and I can really taste the pepper in it (hot plate + hot from the pepper equals sweating while eating). They do serve you with several thin shreds of beef that looked similar to bacon. Aside from being thin, it wasn’t pure lean meat because it was mixed with beef fat which would make your serving much smaller. However, you won’t need to eat much beef because the rice itself was already flavorful thanks to the pepper and their sauces.

Overall, we liked our meal especially with the 20% discount. It wasn’t that much to make our stomachs be full but we were already fulfilled with the taste. I suggest that you go for the steaks if you want more meat and go for the pepper rice dishes if you want more rice. Make sure to bring a perfume with you also because the smell clings to your clothes!

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Pepper Lunch, Greenbelt 5
Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St., Legaspi Village
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 482-4319

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