Relik Restaurant and Bar

Relik Restaurant and Bar

Relik Trio Platter
Relik Trio Platter

Relik used to be a place where friends and soon-to-be-friends can hang-out and just party their night with good food and good tugs tugs tugs tugs music. With a new flooring and overall redesign; Relik has revamped itself with brighter interiors to have a change in “ambiance”. The change also brings in new dishes in their menu which we were able to sample for lunch.

With these changes; Relik can now expect an influx of new customers from the different offices in BGC (nice location btw as they are located in a highly dense area with building parking!) and also family gatherings that wanted to chill out, relax or just let the rush hour pass by. Personally, I’d love to unwind at their comfy sofas and just to catch my breath or catch up with friends after a long day’s work.

In terms of food; what we can we expect? Well, their best selling classics will still be there but there’s a lot of new dishes; even a new offering of sandwiches and a new dessert that’s going to roar!


Relik's Nachos
Relik’s Nachos – PHP 249

We started our meal with their belly filling nachos. It wasn’t your usual nacho chips as they used their homemade tortilla chips which was like eating tacos. Try to limit your intake of these else you might run out of space for the other dishes.

Next up would be three individual dishes that you can also order as one (Trio Platter). 

Relik Beef Salpicao
Relik Beef Salpicao – PHP 359

The first of the Trio Platter would be the Beef Salpicao. It wasn’t fork tender but getting there. It had a bit of sourness and you can also taste the spices on it.

Relik Gambas
Relik Gambas – PHP 325

My favorite appetizer would be their big, fresh and chewy shrimp. Despite the spicy sauce it had, I didn’t mind as long as I can have more pieces.

Relik Chorizig
Relik Chorizig – PHP 228

The chorizo bits weren’t that obvious so if it weren’t for the name; I won’t realize it. I didn’t like this much due to it being too chewy and keeps on sticking on my teeth.

Main Course

Relik's House Fried Chicken
Relik’s House Fried Chicken – PHP

Relik’s take on fried chicken would similar to how Max’s or Savory does it; no breading and just plain and classic deep-fried chicken. If you get the leg or thigh part then you can enjoy it even without gravy; however the same cannot be said when you get the breast part.

Relik Grilled Salmon
Relik Grilled Salmon – PHP 399

The crowd favorite dish for the night would be the grilled salmon. Soft and juicy salmon topped with oranges (instead of the usual lemon) which gives it a sweeter taste. Healthy and delicious; what else do you need?

Relik Slow Roasted Beef Belly
Relik Slow Roasted Beef Belly – PHP

Roasted Beef Belly with wine gravy. The beef belly was soft and fork tender; however I just found the gravy too strong for it that I had to scrape it and only left a thin layer instead. Personally, I would enjoy it more if the gravy was served separately with the beef belly.

Dessert and Drinks

Relik Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake
Relik Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake – PHP

A new dessert has been released thanks to Chef’s love for milo. The cheesecake was so soft and smooth that if you place a fork on top; it will simply slide like quicksand. It felt more like mousse than a cheesecake but still delicious! One serving won’t be enough!

Relik Lime Mojito
Relik Lime Mojito – PHP 111

To end the food trip; let me start with the first thing that arrived at our table. Something to drink when you want to chill out. I enjoyed this as the alcohol taste wasn’t that strong to be distracting. It was like drinking something refreshing.

Relik serves simple yet delicious comfort food for everyone to enjoy. Do take advantage of their numerous daily promos that the waiter graciously told us.

  • Tuesdays – Buy 1 Take 1 – Benny’s Angus Rib Eye
  • Wednesday – Buy 1 Take 1 – Chorizig
  • Thursday – PHP 98 Relik’s Nachos
  • Saturday – 50% off Chorizig and Benny’s Angus Rib Eye

They also have lunch specials for only PHP 188 that includes a glass of Iced Tea. Definitely I’ll be back to try out Benny’s Angus Rib Eye.

Disclosure: Relik Restaurant and Bar paid for our food

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Relik Restaurant and Bar
2/F Commercenter Bldg, 31st Ave cor 4th St
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 846-8889

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