Revisiting Boracay at Two Seasons Boracay Resort

View from Two Seasons Boracay Resort
View from Two Seasons Boracay Resort

The last time I visited Boracay, it was all about the parties, beach front buffet, fire dancing, lights, loud music and lots of foot traffic all over! But this has all changed when it was shut down last year (2018) for rehabilitation. Now coming back for a visit, we have experienced its hard but worthwhile journey to its old glory. Allow me to tell you about our experience!

Boracay – What has Changed?

There are now new rules and regulations that prohibit most of the activities that I have mentioned beforehand. The number of visitors are regulated and you need to show your booking before you are allowed to go inside Jetty Port. Water activities are now limited so it would be rare to hear jet skis and other water vehicles by the beach.

Along the main roads construction is still ongoing on all sides hence dust and debris everywhere. Sidewalks are being built and tiled, water connections and drainage are being improved and a lot of road widening and repairs. Expect your tricycle ride to be a very bumpy one indeed. Adding to the traffic congestion are the choices of e-trikes, hotel vans and even a Grab mini bus.

all sand along Willy's Rock
all sand along Willy’s Rock

However one gets rewarded afterwards with the spectacular beach front! With a new rule that prohibits anything but sand 30 meters from the shore, you can now see the beauty of the beach without any obstacles and eyesores.

Two Seasons Hotel

Two Seasons Boracay Resort
Two Seasons Boracay Resort

We stayed at Two Seasons Boracay Resort located at Station 1. Along with our room accommodation, our included the following:

  • Complimentary welcome drinks upon arrival
  • Daily Buffet Breakfast
  • A thoughtful slice of surprise Birthday Cake (I had made a note upon booking that my wife was celebrating her birthday)

If you were to research and check out the reviews about Two Seasons Boracay Resort, you will usually come across posts and pictures of their restaurant, BarLo, specifically their best selling Four Cheese Pizza and Oyster Sisig. So we joined the bandwagon and had these dishes as our first meal.

Two Seasons Boracay Resort Oyster Sisig
Fried oysters served with onions on a sizzling plate

Say hello to their Oyster Sisig! We had mixed reactions to this probably because we didn’t pair it with rice and it’s taste was overpowering. For the delight of those who are oyster lovers, the taste of the meat was indeed very distinct and unique – a welcome break from the usual pork sisig.

Two Seasons Boracay Resort Four Cheese Pizza
a delicious combination of Blue, Cheddar, Mozzarella and Parmesan
Two Seasons Boracay Resort Oyster Sisig
A closeup to the four cheese pizza

I say this over and over again – I love cheese and I love four cheese pizza. This one from Barlo wasn’t an exception. Thin crust and loaded with cheese from the first bite up until the end. I managed to finish three slices without noticing it!

two happy kids with their late lunch

The result? Two happy kids enjoying lunch at 4pm and in time for Happy Hour that they have from 1pm to 6pm.

BarLo Happy Hour

Two Seasons Boracay Resort - Pina Collada
Rum, Coconut milk and Pineapple Juice
Two Seasons Boracay Resort - Strawberry Daiquiri
Choice of Banana, Mango, Pineapple or Strawberry
Two Seasons Boracay Resort - Tequila Sunrise
Tequila, Orange Juice and Grenadine

The drinks at the bar were reasonably priced at around PHP150 to PHP250 and Happy Hour gives you Buy 1 Take 1 which was definitely a steal! My wife is a big fan of cocktails and she definitely enjoyed her choice of Pina Collada, Daiquiri and Tequila Sunrise.

Two Seasons Boracay Resort - Birthday Surprise
Two Seasons gave us a surprise cake during breakfast!

We definitely enjoyed our stay at this chill and low key resort. Boracay is still a work in progress but I’m really looking forward to going when everything else is done.

Till next time,


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