SF Bistro Dinner Celebration

SF Bistro Dinner Celebration


We wanted to celebrate and I decided to try SF Bistro; one of the restaurants along Tuscany at McKinley Hill.

Upon entering SF Bistro, you will see a huge painting of the Golden Gate Bridge and immediately brings back memories of the time we toured the west coast. While browsing through the menu, I noticed that they serve beer in a very BIG glass and that guy who ordered it managed to finish two during our meal! Not that I’m jealous but I’m just curious.

So anyway, we were hungry at that point so I said that we would order three dishes for the two of us with dessert! I predicted that the serving size wouldn’t be so big so three orders wouldn’t be an overkill. Was I right? or was I wrong?

Here were our orders for that night.

SF Bistro Grilled Salmon
SF Bistro Grilled Salmon – PHP 350
Grilled fresh seasoned salmon. Served with choice of rice or dirty mashed potato and buttered vegetables

Delicious! Salmon by itself would always be a great dish but what makes this dish much better would be the cream that goes with it. It really compliments it well and my only complaint; I wanted more and the price! A must order when I return.

SF Bistro Lengua Ala Carte
SF Bistro Lengua Ala Carte – PHP 355
Marinated lengua. Served with gravy. Seasoned. Served with mashed potato and butter vegetables on the side.

Lengua is one of my personal favorites yet it is also a dish that I don’t always get to eat. I’m glad I ordered one from SF Bistro as it was another delicious dish! The lengua was soft and easy to cut/chew and I liked the gravy that it came with. It wasn’t too overpowering so another great compliment to the dish.

SF Bistro Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet
SF Bistro Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet – PHP 220
Pan seared dory fish coated in parmesan panko. Served with choice of rice or dirty mashed potato and buttered vegetables.

Lastly, we had the fish fillet. Not bad by itself but since I already tried their salmon; it made the fish fillet lacking in satisfaction. I did like the mix of the cream and the mild saltiness of the crust.

For dessert, we had the choco lava.

SF Bistro Choco Lava
SF Bistro Choco Lava – PHP 255

Ever since we tried the Mati Chocolate Sin from Zuzini, it became our standard for similar desserts. SF Bistro’s choco lava had a similar concept. Ice cream on the top of a brownie-like with chocolate syrup or filling (pardon my fail description). Their version had a caramel drizzle on the ice cream that spread towards the brownie.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy this as much as we expected. Either the serving of ice cream was small or we just took a lot more because at the end; we ran out of ice cream but we still had brownies. The brownies were a bit dry (would have wanted it moist). I also find it too expensive.

We are definitely coming back to SF Bistro. Almost all of their main entree’s piqued our curiosity so we would like to try them out someday.

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PS: Celebrating 7 years at HP and 3.5 years of in-a-relationship

PS 2: I’m sad that they didn’t have cable TV because during that night was the final four 4 between DLSU – FEU (where DLSU lost unfortunately).


San Francisco Bistro
Tuscany Estates, Upper Mckinley Rd
McKinley Hill, Taguig
(02) 949-2744

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