Sizzling Seafoods and Inihaw Express

Sizzling Seafoods and Inihaw Express at Glorietta 4 Food Choices

Sizzling Seafoods Tuna Belly

July 9, 2011

I did some workouts in Gold’s Gym and that really gave me a big apetite. I was really craving for meat and House of Minis was my top choice but… I settled for Sizzling Seafoods for a change. Jessa wanted to eat at Reyes BBQ but they didn’t have her favorite so she opted for Inihaw Express.

Sizzling Seafoods Sizzling Tuna Belly – PHP 118

That’s the name of the dish above I ate yesterday for dinner. I usually order bangus (milkfish) from Sizzling Seafoods but this time I wanted something I haven’t tried from their menu (actually I have only tried their bangus lol). I was amazed at the serving size which was enough for me to say, the price is worth it even without trying it yet.

The Tuna Belly was delicious. They had this sweet and sour (due to pineapple tidbits) sauce poured on it that removes the “fish” like taste to give it more variety. It wasn’t really juicy but it was soft enough and even though I left it on the sizzling plate for a long time because I was taking pictures of it, the skin at the bottom didn’t get burned. It gives me the idea that the sizzling plate is just used to reheat the dish or maybe just a “plate” for the dish.

Inihaw Express Sulit Meal 2

Inihaw Express Sulit Meal 2 – PHP 79

It’s funny because the “laing” was supposed to be the side dish here but it clearly was the star of this meal. The sisig was filled with not tasty fat and ligaments that it’s like eating a bubble gum or rubber. The chicken BBQ was just.. normal but too small. You can easily mistake it as a pork BBQ. Only the laing tasted like laing and actually was pretty good. This wasn’t really a sulit meal as named. -_-

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Sizzling Seafoods and Inihaw Express
Food Choices, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila

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