Sumo Sam Dinner

Sumo Sam Dinner

Sumo Sam

While looking for a place to eat at Greenbelt 3, we managed to spot Sumo Sam, a newly opened restaurant in Greenbelt 3 with the same owner as John and Yoko. We were curious so we went it after browsing the menu and found that the prizes were reasonable. They were serving free house tea so I made sure I had lots of that (a good break from house water).

Sumo Sam Bacon Kani

Sumo Sam Bacon Kani 5pcs. – PHP208

This should have been our appetizer but our orders arrived at the same time. Grilled crabsticks (Kani) wrapped in bacon with a sweet teriyaki sauce on it. Yum Yum! The kani has hardened a bit due but thanks to the bacon, it was still very crunchy.

Sumo Sam Oborro Rice

Sumo Sam Oborro Rice – PHP 168

For our donburi order, we had chicken, well, ground chicken rice toppings with egg. It had a familiar chicken taste but there’s a distinct aroma / flavor on those pink stuffs called Gari ( see right of picture). Our brain tells us that it is ginger but it is different from the usual ginger that we eat. (by wiki definition, Gari – thinly sliced young ginger). It was also good but nothing special.

Sumo Sam Buta Kakuni Ramen

Sumo Sam Buta Kakuni Ramen – PHP 258

This was my first time eating ramen (I do eat noodles but not yet this one). We picked the pork variant and picked miso among the three soup choices (miso, sho, shoyu) because that’s the safe and familiar choice. It was like miso soup with other ingredients. The yellow noodles tasted good and the bean sprouts added some “crunch” to the soup. I initially thought that I could finish this all by myself but half way through the ramen, I was feeling it in my stomach. This was very filling and I liked it!

To sum it all up, we had a very satisfying Japanese themed dinner! It’s a great addition to Greenbelt 3.

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Sumo Sam, Greenbelt 3
Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila

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