The Minokaua Bar at Malate

The Minokaua Bar at Malate

The Minokaua Bar
The Minokaua Bar

A newly opened Bar at Malate that provides a nostalgic feel for the old Malate through great food and equally great music.

The Minokaua has recently opened and it is a welcome experience from current atmosphere at Malate. With the influx of different Asian cuisines; the landscape at Malate has changed over the years and it’s now very different that it was in its glory days in the 90s. The owners of Minokaua saw this as a gap and an opportunity to plug in that gap through their restobar.

The Minokaua offers a lot of food for sharing (be in groups when you come); perfectly paired with alcoholic drinks such as cocktails, hard liquor and local beers. Soon they will offer them in smaller portions as well. However, what sets them apart is their unique offering of nightly jams that doesn’t feature mainstream pop / rock bands. Instead, what you will get would be a combination of acoustics, jazz, and the blues; songs you would usually hear on classical places and not in a bar.

It has three floors where the first and second floor have their own stage for performances. The third floor serves as the VIP lounge where you can rent it for a consumable rate. Usually the performance is on the first floor so you would need to reserve to get good seats. There are performances where door charge (entrance fee) are collected but some performances are free to enjoy.

The Food at Minokaua

The Minokaua - Chicken Chicharrones
The Minokaua – Chicken Chicharrones – PHP 300

We started with the very crunchy chicken chicharrones. This was screaming pair me with beer at every bite! It was your simply deep-fried chicken skin without breading. This was really good but do take care of your intake for health reasons.

The Minokaua - Beer Mussel Pot
The Minokaua – Beer Mussel Pot – PHP 850

The Minokaua are also proud of their mussel pots. They would have wanted us to try their laksa pot but they exchanged it for the beer mussel pot since they took into consideration my weakness in spicy food (thank you :) ) . They used imported mussels (see how big and meaty they are). The soup has a slight beer taste to it and it’s not a common soup taste for me. It had a few bacon bits to add saltiness and you can use the bread to dip into the soup. However, what I did was to use the soup to lessen the spiciness of the…

The Minokaua - Sisig Rice
The Minokaua – Sisig Rice – PHP 880

… The spicy sisig rice! This was like a paella topped with sisig. The rice was really good then the sisig added that layer of crunchiness and flavor; and the chilies? Well, I had to remove them but sometimes I don’t get lucky so I’m glad the soup from the beer mussels is there to douse off the heat. This is a must order! Pairs well with beer as well!

The Minokaua - Grilled Ensaymada Ice Cream Melt
The Minokaua – Grilled Ensaymada Ice Cream Melt – PHP 320

Lastly, we had the grilled ensaymada for dessert. It was very overwhelming but I still loved the top bun with the cheese and butter; then moistened by the ice cream. My only problem was the other half of the bun because I felt that it was over grilled where I can actually taste already charred bread.

Sample Gigs at Minokaua

We were treated to a live acoustic performance by Nori Aurillo and he was a complete beast on the guitar. If you remove the sound from the equation; you would simply see him slapping, grinding and rubbing the guitar in a frenzy. However, the result was beautiful acoustic music! Even better when his old friend Bo Bismark arrived as he sang a couple of songs to the delight of everyone!

The experience at Minokaua Bar was surreal. You have great food and great jams; perfect for nights where you just want to chill and wash all the tiredness from a the day’s work.

Disclosure: The Minokaua paid for our meals.

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The Minokaua

1951 Adriatico Street,
Malate, Manila

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