Zest-O Slice Juice Drink

Zest-O Slice Juice Drink

Zest-O Slice Fruit Juice

Let’s take a moment to reflect back on our childhood days… back to the days of kindergarten and elementary where we would have our own baon of chips, cookies, and juice. Was Zesto a part of that baon pack? For mine, I’d say yes. It was refreshing especially if it was cold and it comes in different fruity flavors. My favorites were grape and mango!

Fast forward to now and I recently got introduced to Zest-O’s new product called the Zest-O slice. The Zest-O Slice comes in a 355ml bottle (aww no more poking the doypack with the straw) and has four flavors; orange, dalandan, grapple and mango burst. The first two flavors used the same fruit flavors that we would taste from their other products while the last two would be their mixed fruit flavors for a twist. For my experience, I only got to taste three out of four flavors.

zest -o slice Orange

Zest-O Slice Orange

zest -o slice dalandan

Zest-O Slice Dalandan

Refreshing! Upon opening the bottle, I can already smell the citrus and my first sip was followed with an “aaaahhhh” of satisfaction.

zest -o slice Grapple

Zest-O Slice Grapple (Grapes + Apple)

Took a sip (well, finished the whole bottle anyway) last night and I noticed that the apple flavor overpowers the grapes. I tried to take a sip again to day yet still more apple but I felt that hint of grape.

zest -o slice Mangoburst

Zest-O Slice Mango Burst (Mango + Strawberry)

I’m currently drinking this one as I write this post and I have to say that I’m impressed! On your first sip, you would notice the strawberry flavor but it leaves a mango-ey aftertaste. But what impressed me was how smooth it was to drink; creamy in way! Certainly my favorite among this bunch!

On the nutritional side, it is a “good source of Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc” but I just have to mention that it also contains 23-30g of sugar per serving (this has been brought to you by my recent obsession on reading the labels).

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PS: all images were provided by Zest-O

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  1. Natry ko na to eto ang pina ka favorit ko Zest-O Slice Grapple (Grapes + Apple).sarap ng combination.love it

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